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2023 Events

Below is a listing of our trail series events for 2023. Throughout 2023 we have a variety of events that will expose you to Hixon Forest's trails, allow you meet other athletes, and to challenge yourself in your personal training journey. Each event has a short description and a link to find out more information and register. Please let us know if you have questions!

  • Last year was the inaugural Hixon Forest RUD Run

  • This unique event is a Last Man Standing style event with team options!

  • Essentially you just keep running until you are done, or hit 24 hours. HOW FUN IS THAT!

  • Be ready for MORE FOOD and MORE BEVERAGES! :) We've got some fun ideas planned for the 24 hours we'll have together.

This unique trail event combines winter trail running with challenge stations. In a partnership with ROTC's Northern Warfare Challenge, HTS has created our own trail challenge for civilians. 




Trail Series

Our monthly Summer Trail Series occurs on the 3rd Thursday of each month (May thru September). Runners will be challenged to test their training throughout the season on a four mile Lower Hixon Forest loop. Register for one run or the entire series!

5k | 10k | 25k | 50k

  • The Hixon 50 will cap off an awesome year with our 9th annual event!!

  • This whole weekend will be a trail running party with the 5k and 10k happening on Saturday the 28th, and the 25k and 50k capping things off on Sunday the 29th!

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